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Samanu Agriculture Development aims to establish sustainable and profitable agricultural practices in the local community. This initiative involves collaborating with local farmers to implement modern and efficient farming techniques while also ensuring the preservation of traditional methods.

Collaboration with Local Farmers

Samanu Agriculture Development starts by engaging with local farmers to provide them with training, resources, and support to improve their agricultural practices. This includes introducing them to modern farming technologies, environmentally friendly practices, and efficient crop management techniques. The goal is to increase crop yields while maintaining ecological balance.

Breed Development and Sales

In partnership with agricultural experts, Samanu Agriculture Development works on improving the quality of livestock through selective breeding programs. This aims to develop and introduce high-yield and disease-resistant breeds to the local farmers. Additionally, the initiative facilitates the sale and distribution of improved breeds to farmers, thereby enhancing the overall productivity and profitability of livestock farming.

Seed Collection, Storage, and Sales

The initiative also focuses on the collection, storage, and distribution of high-quality seeds of various crops. By establishing seed banks and storage facilities, Samanu Agriculture Development ensures the availability of superior seeds for local farmers. This step contributes to maintaining crop diversity, enhancing crop resilience, and ultimately improving agricultural productivity.


Samanu Agriculture Development promotes the establishment of agro-processing facilities to add value to agricultural products. By processing raw agricultural produce into marketable goods such as jams, sauces, and packaged foods, the initiative creates additional revenue streams for farmers while reducing post-harvest losses. This step also helps in meeting the demand for processed agricultural products in local and international markets.


In collaboration with local farmers and agro-processors, Samanu Agriculture Development facilitates the export of surplus agricultural products, especially high-value crops and processed goods. By tapping into international markets and adhering to export quality standards, the initiative aims to generate foreign exchange earnings for the local economy, thereby contributing to overall economic growth and sustainability.

Overall, Samanu Agriculture Development is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability in agriculture while empowering local farmers and stakeholders to thrive in a competitive market environment.