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Samanu FMCG’s diversified operations encompass the solvent extraction process, which yields essential products crucial to various markets. Upon extraction, the process results in the acquisition of crude oil and seed cake. While the crude oil caters to distinct industrial and consumer needs, the seed cake is thoughtfully allocated to both local and export sales, including distribution to Ashura and Samanu FMCG B2C, symbolizing the brand’s far-reaching presence in the global marketplace.

Furthermore, the solvent extraction process includes a critical step of milling and mixing, where the seed cake is further processed to produce fortified flour and soya chunks. These nutritious products are intricately designed to meet the demands of health-conscious consumers and are distributed to local sales outlets, Samanu FMCG B2C, and exported to Ashura, strengthening the brand’s commitment to delivering quality food products to diverse markets.

In the solvent extraction process, crude oil and seed cake are obtained. The seed cake is then allocated to both local sales and export sales (Ashura) as well as Samanu FMCG B2C. Furthermore, the solvent extraction procedure includes milling and mixing, resulting in fortified flour and soya chunks, both of which are distributed to local sales, Samanu FMCG B2C, and exported to Ashura.


In its effort to improve local production and local supply, Samanu has invested in a state-of-the-art Solvent Extraction Plant (SEP) for close to 20 mil USD. SEP will allow to crush local edible oil seeds to produce crude oil and supply its refineries. More over a full integrated process to produce high protein content cakes. A Milling facility to produce soya flour for local and export market has been added to this investment.