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Health Care Food Manufacturers S.C.

Edible Oil.

HCFM, a pioneer in the Ethiopian edible oil industry, was established in 1991. Acquired by 54 FMCG in April 2015, HCFM, today, is one of the largest edible oil producers in Ethiopia. HCFM supplies pure Sunflower and Soybean oil and their associated by-products across the country. 54 FMCG has invested USD millions to build a stated-of-the-art factory at Kality, Addis Ababa that began production in May 2018. With an important refining capacity, the factory has created employment opportunities for more than 300 people. Owing to its Triple Refining Process and Added Vitamins, Tena cooking is the most preferred and top selling sunflower oil brand in Ethiopia.

Zak Ethiopia Manufacturing and Trading PLC

Home & personal care.

In March 2014, 54 FMCG entered the Laundry Soap market through the acquisition of Gullele, one of the oldest soap manufacturers in Ethiopia. Despite its rich legacy in the industry, at the time of acquisition, Gullele had minimal production capacity and very old equipment that needed upgrading. Thanks to intensive investment in facility, quality improvement and marketing, we managed to restore the 555 brand to its former glory as one of the Top 3 preferred laundry soap brands in Ethiopia. This venture was brought to new heights in 2020 with the inauguration of our ZAK facility. 54 FMCG has built the new ZAK Manufacturing plant and expand its Laundry Bar production capacity. The new facility has also diversified our product mix by introducing Aura beauty and anti-germ/antibacterial body soap, 555 liquid and detergent powder lines. With the new ZAK Factory, the 555 Brand will expand into more Laundry formats as well as developing Home Care products, positioning it as the most prominent homecare brand in Ethiopia. In Parallel, we began venturing into the cosmetics market through the introduction of the Aura personal care brand.

Articrafts Industries PLC

Edible Oil.

Following the success of HCFM and 54 FMCG’s ongoing commitment to invest and support the Ethiopian economy, 54 FMCG has invested an additional 30 Millions USD to build a new refinery at Dukem. The new articraft plant, which began operation in April of 2021 will allow us to triple our production capacity in short term and by 2023 to increase our refining capacity by almost 200%. Articraft will produce high-grade sunflower and other different edible oils and provides immediate employment opportunity to more than 250 families.

Astco Food Complex Factory S.C.

Flour & Pasta

In April 2015, 54 FMCG reached important milestone in its investment strategy through the acquisition of ASTCO Food Complex Factory. Built on a land in Akaki, Astco boasts 2 storage Silos, high yield flour milling capacity and an output of different shapes of pasta. ASTCO has become one of the key factories in Ethiopia supplying Flour and Pasta. It has launched different brands into the market – the most popular being Chef Luca Pasta, whose prime quality spaghetti and macaroni have mad it a beloved brand among Ethiopians.

Debre Birhan Natural Spring Water S.C.


When 54FMCG decided to venture into beverage production and processing natural bottled water, Debre Birhan was the ideal place for the realization of this project. Debre Birhan, with an elevation of 2,840m stands as the highest town of its size in Africa. Gifted with a subtropical higland Climate, the natural mineral water of Debre Birhan has a unique taste and an abundance of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and more. 54 FMCG began investing in the Debre Birhan water processing project in June 2015, and by July 2018 54 FMCG has built a brand new state-of-the-art bottled water processing plant still in Debre Birhan. Bottled Pure Natural Mineral Water, a natural goodness from Debre Birhan, this is our brand: Aquasafe