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About Us

SAMANU is a leading business group in Ethiopia. Our mission is to migrate Ethiopia from a heavily import reliant and raw resources export country to a self-sufficient manufacturing hub by developing companies and brands of high global standards that Ethiopians can enjoy every day.

Pioneering Self-Sufficiency:

Samanu leads the charge in transforming Ethiopia from import-dependency to a self-sufficient manufacturing powerhouse, creating a robust ecosystem of high-quality products.

Elevating Global Standards:

At the forefront of innovation, Samanu is dedicated to developing companies and brands that adhere to the highest global standards, ensuring Ethiopians experience world-class quality in their daily lives.

Empowering Local Industries

With a steadfast commitment, Samanu is on a mission to empower local industries, fostering economic growth by nurturing a diverse range of businesses that contribute to Ethiopia's self-reliance and sustainability.

Everyday Excellence:

Samanu envisions a future where Ethiopians relish in the excellence of locally produced goods on a daily basis, as we strive to elevate the nation's profile as a self-sufficient manufacturing hub.

Social Impact:

Aiming to improve lives and livelihoods of Ethiopian small farmers, social development programs, new small business opportunities are in the heart of our social responsibility.

Our Story

  1. 54 Capital FMCG Starts operation in Ethiopia

    54 Capital FMCG, a leading consumer goods company, has announced the launch of its operations in Ethiopia.

  2. Gulele Soap Detergent Factory

    54 Capital FMCG, the leading consumer goods company has acquired gullele soap factory in 2015.

  3. Tena Oil Astco Milling & Pasta Aquasafe Water

    54 Capital, has announced the acquisition of Tena Oil, a producer of edible oils and fats, and Astco Milling & Pasta, a manufacturer of wheat flour and pasta products.

  4. Etete Milk and Diary

    54 Capital, a private equity firm that invests in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Africa, has acquired Etete Milk and Dairy, a leading dairy producer in Ethiopia.

  5. ZAK Ethiopia Manufacturing & Trading PLC

    54 FMCG has built the new ZAK Manufacturing plant and expand its Laundry Bar production capacity.

  6. Articraft Industries PLC at Dukem

    54 Capital a Conglomerate producing the most Popular Edible Oil “Tena Oil” has announced today a major expansion in its production plant at Dukem Town.

  7. Ventured to Agriculture sector by working with Farmers.

  8. SAMANU Export Began.

  9. 54 FMCG Rebranded to SAMANU

Our Products

SAMANU is home to several notable FMCG brands such as Tena Edible Oil, 555 Household Care, Chef Luca Pasta and Aquasafe Natural Mineral Water.

Our Brands

Our brands are more than just products. They are the result of years of research, innovation, and customer feedback. They represent our values, our vision, and our commitment to excellence. Whether you need a reliable solution for your home, your business, or your personal care, you can trust our brands to deliver quality, performance, and satisfaction.



FMCG Industries


Industrial sites

$200 M

Direct investment




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French National Day

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Feel free to reach us out.

SAMANU FMCG Head quarter

Bole Road Noah Plaza (Next to Alem Cinema), 11th floor.

+251 116 673329

+251 116 673329