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Aquasafe Target Achievement Celebration

Aquasafe Target Achievement Celebration

Congratulating message from the CEO

One month ago, February 2022, we all went to Debre Birhan Aquasafe to review and understand the challenges of the operations and try to identify the solutions to debottleneck and unlock the potential of Aquasafe Business.

During the month I have seen a special enthusiasm and effervescence from all in the Aquasafe Business Team, last week I saw happily Getachew and Mengste on the computer doing a simulation of P&L, I have seen Menelik fighting for deliveries, I have seen Biruk fighting for the pet resin and supplies of preforms, I have seen Tsion anticipating price increases, Mengste was telling me every day “Don’t worry Boss we will make it, at least 22 million”, Rosa and Besufik ensuring the production record was good, Getachew fighting to get sales orders, all under a special leadership of Abdul, WOW it was great watching!
For what result???

We have made a record sale about 27-million-birr and 30-million-birr collection for the first time since very long a positive profit! WOW!! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this achievement!
A great example which shows that everything is possible with determination, courage, passion and drive! Once again Bravoooooo to the entire team!