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Sustainability Governance

In line with our vision to improve the lives and livelihoods of the community in which we operate, we recognize the escalation of various global sustainability challenges, specially current and potential risk and impact from climate change, increasing resource scarcity, and pressure on land, water and forest.

54FMCG Environment, Health and Safety and social policy is a management framework for establishing of our overarching environmental, social and human resource management objectives and commitments.

The 54FMCG Sustainability Governance comprises of Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) which provides strategy and direction as well as monitors 54FMCG’s progress in implementation of the policies.

The governance structure constitute of Chef Executive Officer (CEO), Chef supply chain and manufacturing officer, board member and Environment Health & Safety Director. The CEO holds the highest position for sustainability, SSC.

Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC)

Responsibilities of SSC

  • sustainability strategies and direction.
  • Monitors progress of implementation.
  • Management of specific issues.
  • Approve sustainability policy.
  • Overview of supply chain compliance.

Sustainability Department Responsibilities

  • Advice/recommend sustainability strategies, goals & action plan.
  • Monitors sustainability performance.
  • Develops procedures for sustainability performance.
  • Monitor sustainability commitments across supply chain.
  • Manage grievances against suppliers.
  • Stakeholders engagement.

Environment Health and Safety Training

Employees' safety Drill